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Time for businesses to apply for PNA Home Design & Remodel Fair

October 23rd, 2014 by Doree

The Phinney Neighborhood Association’s annual Home Design & Remodel Fair is coming up on Jan. 25, 2015. Now is the time for businesses to apply to be a vendor.

From the PNA:

It is a great opportunity to make new contacts and help homeowners gain excitement and inspiration to fulfill their projects. Our selection of over 80 exhibitors includes general and specialty contractors, architects, suppliers, designers, landscape professionals, non-profit groups, and permitting agencies. Exhibitors leave the fair with new contacts, and homeowners gain excitement and inspiration to fulfill their projects.

Every year we offer a series of short presentations focusing on sustainability and green building topics along with perennial favorites such as “How to Work with an Architect” and “How to Hire a Contractor.”

Applications are due December 1, but there are limited spots, so apply online now! https://phinneycenter.org/forms/homefair/application/

Please send all questions to homefair@phinneycenter.org

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PNA Home Design & Remodel Fair on Jan. 26

January 7th, 2014 by Doree

homefair2014_poster-resizedThe annual PNA Home Design & Remodel Fair on Sunday, Jan. 26, will bring together about 85 professionals to help homeowners with any remodeling project. Contractors, architects, suppliers, designers, landscape professionals, non-profit groups and permitting agencies will fill the Phinney Center’s three floors.

The fair is a good place to get ideas for projects big and small, ask questions about permitting requirements, and find a good designer or contractor.

The fair also hosts a full day of short presentations and panel discussions, from the basics of backyard cottages to “How to Work with an Architect” and “How to Hire a Contractor.”

The PNA Home Design and Remodel Fair is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 26 in the Phinney Center’s Blue Building, 6532 Phinney Ave. N. Tickets at the door are $4 for PNA members, $6 general; children 12 and under are free.

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Blast from the past on 85th Street

May 2nd, 2013 by Doree

Alyssa sent us this photo of workers uncovering an old storefront for Palace Dry Cleaners, on the corner of NW 85th Street and 6th Avenue NW.


If anybody remembers the old Palace Dry Cleaners, please tell us about it in a comment below.

Thanks for the photo, Alyssa!

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PNA Home Design & Remodel Fair on Jan. 27

January 16th, 2013 by Doree

The Phinney Neighborhood Association’s annual Home Design & Remodel Fair is coming up on Sunday, Jan. 27. About 75 exhibitors will be on hand, including experts from the city to help you with your permitting questions, and tradesman from plumbers to electricians to contractors, landscape designers and architects to help you design your dream remodel.


Photo courtesy of the PNA.

You can also attend short panel discussions on sustainability and green building topics, how to work with an architect, and how to hire a contractor.

The Home Design & Remodel Fair is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 27, at 6532 Phinney Ave. N. Admission is $6 for PNA members and $10 for the general public. Children 12 and under are free. Tickets are available at the door only.

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Greenwood Fred Meyer closes tonight at 11 for major remodeling

February 25th, 2012 by Doree

The Greenwood Fred Meyer will close at 11 p.m. tonight (Saturday) for major remodeling that will increase the store by more than 55,000 square feet. Construction is scheduled to begin on March 1. It will reopen sometime in the late fall.

Fred Meyer’s temporary pharmacy will open at 10 a.m. tomorrow at 8540 1st Ave. NW, just across the street in the Piper Village complex.

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Public meeting on Fred Meyer expansion is Oct. 17

September 29th, 2011 by Doree

Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development will host a public meeting regarding Fred Meyer’s expansion plans for its Greenwood store at 100 NW 85th St. The meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 17, at the Greenwood Senior Center, 525 N. 85th St.

Fred Meyer’s plans for the Greenwood store have changed over the years from a proposed mixed use development with residential, to a plan to turn the Greenwood Market building into a garden center, to the current proposal to demolish Greenwood Market and expand the current Fred Meyer by 55,305 square feet, with parking for 449 vehicles.

The project requires a SEPA Environmental Review.

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Public meeting coming about Greenwood Fred Meyer remodeling plans

September 6th, 2011 by Doree

The city will be scheduling a public meeting regarding Fred Meyer’s plans to extensively remodel its Greenwood store at 100 NW 85th St.

Normally, a remodel to an existing building doesn’t warrant a public meeting, while more extensive redevelopment plans must go through the Design Review Board, as Fred Meyer’s previous proposal did.

However, a group of architects and designers, called Greenwood Deserves Better, recently collected about 75 signatures from neighbors of the Fred Meyer site and turned them in to the city, which forces a public meeting about the project. The city should be scheduling that meeting in the next few weeks.

Greenwood Deserves Better is concerned about Fred Meyer’s appeal of the city’s decision regarding environmental impacts of rezoning the site.

The city plans to rezone the 13+-acre portion of the Greenwood/Phinney Ridge Residential Urban Village, which includes the land under Fred Meyer and Greenwood Market, as well as some surrounding properties. The proposed zoning would change the site from C-1 40 (commercial zoning that is oriented more to big-box stores and car traffic, and allows for building heights up to 40 feet), to Neighborhood Commercial, which calls for more density, pedestrian access, and allows taller buildings, to encourage residential. The rezoning proposal breaks down the site and surrounding areas into four subareas with slightly different zoning for each. (See the map here and the city’s full report). The city held a public meeting on the proposal last summer; more than 100 neighbors gave input on the plan.

The Department of Planning & Development conducted a SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) review, and determined that rezoning the site would have no significant environmental impacts (.pdf). But Fred Meyer is appealing that decision.

“They’re asking about transportation and utility impact topics,” Gordon Clowers, DPD Senior Urban Planner, explained. “That refers to our conclusion that there wouldn’t be significant impacts on those systems, and they want more information on how we made those decisions.”

rezone appeal hearing is set for 12 p.m. Wednesday (tomorrow), at Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 5th Avenue, Room 4009. It is open to the public.

Greenwood Deserves Better (formerly called the Greater Greenwood Design Development Advocacy Group), is afraid that Fred Meyer is using the rezoning appeal as a delay tactic, to get their expansion plans approved before a rezone would affect them.

Fred Meyer had previously proposed a massive redevelopment of the site that included housing, a three-story parking garage, and other retail. That plan went through an extensive design and public review process. But the company abandoned that plan last August, saying it was just too expensive in the current economic climate. So, Fred Meyer put forth a new proposal to expand its current store by 55,305 square feet and remodel the Greenwood Market building into Fred Meyer’s home and garden center.

But then Fred Meyer found the Greenwood Market building to be in poor condition, so the plans changed yet again to the current proposal, which would expand the current Fred Meyer by 55,305 square feet. The Greenwood Market building would be demolished, and the Pacific Lock & Key kiosk in the parking lot would be moved to a different part of the site.

“Our group feels (that) is an underuse of the site, and an impact on the entire neighborhood,” Evan Bourquard, an architect and member of Greenwood Deserves Better, explained. “It really feels like they’re sneaking the permit into the city. They want non-significance on their project to increase the size by 55 percent. Even within the context of an addition, there are some areas of improvement. We’re just trying to get the city to force them to do the public meeting.”

Tom Gibbons, Fred Meyer’s Director of Real Estate, was unavailable for comment.

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Fred Meyer applies for permit for revamped plans for Greenwood store

July 14th, 2011 by Doree

Fred Meyer has applied once again to the Department of Planning and Development to redevelop its Greenwood store.

After plans for a major development – including a 160,000 square foot store, approximately 250 units of residential, 25,000 square feet of retail space for other businesses, and a three-story parking garage – were shelved last August because of the economy, Fred Meyer decided to do a down-to-the-studs remodel of the existing store, and planned to turn the Greenwood Market building into its home and garden center.

Those plans have now changed again after Fred Meyer decided that the building currently housing Greenwood Market was not suitable for remodeling.

The new plans instead call for the 20,950-square-foot Greenwood Market building to be demolished, and for the existing Fred Meyer store to expand by 55,305 square feet.

The 340-square-foot kiosk housing Pacific Lock & Key will be relocated from the middle of the site to the west side.

The new plans call for parking to be reconfigured for a total of 449 vehicles at and below grade.

The plans are subject to environmental review. Comments on the plan may be submitted online through July 27.

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PNA Home Remodel Fair

January 31st, 2011 by Doree

Homeowners with the itch to push out, go up, or generally improve their home in some way, came to the Phinney Neighborhood Association’s 14th annual Home Remodel Fair on Sunday.

Ashton Construction shows off a photo montage of a remodeling project.

North End Home Heating talked about highly efficient furnaces.

And Marty from Greenwood Hardware touted green cleaning products.

Thanks to James for the photos!

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PNA Home Remodel Fair on Sunday

January 28th, 2011 by Doree

The Phinney Neighborhood Association’s annual Home Remodel Fair is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. this Sunday, with 90 exhibitors, from contractors to architects, interior designers and permitting specialists.

Admission to the 14th annual Home Remodel Fair is $6 for PNA members, $9 for the general public. Children 12 and under are free.

Many of these professionals are from our neighborhood or nearby, and have completed work in our area. Click here for a list of all the exhibitors, and here for a list of presentations.

Talk to architects who can help you design a remodel or an entirely new home, contractors who can help you make those plans a reality, consultants and trades people who can help you think about ways to increase the efficiency and comfort of your home, industry professionals with expertise on the latest building codes and permitting regulations, landscape designers who can help you create plans for the garden of your dreams, and other professionals who will be on site to discuss energy audits, interior design, cabinetry, electrical, building supplies, flooring, solar energy and financing options for your remodel or building project.

The Mini-B passive house will be open for tours. The 300-square-foot backyard cottage is on display in the PNA’s lower parking lot for the next six months. It is designed to showcase extremely energy efficient building practices.

Update: The Mini-B is featured in this week’s edition of the Seattle Channel’s “City Stream.” Host Lowell Deo stands in front of and inside the Mini-B for all his stand-ups throughout the show, but you’ll see a little tour of the inside at 8:53 into the show, and an interview with the architect at 15:14.

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Annual Home & Garden tour this Sunday

June 7th, 2010 by Doree

The Phinney Neighborhood Association’s annual Home & Garden Tour this Sunday features five remodeled homes and five gardens in our neighborhood. Billed as “real homes for real people,” the event is a great showcase of the possibilities for homes and yards in Phinney-Greenwood.

This year’s homes feature basement remodels, kitchen remodels, second story additions, solar panels and a bocce court. The gardens include native and exotic plantings, ponds, waterfalls, unique patios and hardscapes. Plenty of ideas and inspiration to embark on your own projects.

The tour is self-guided and you can view the homes and gardens by walking, biking or driving (keep in mind that parking may be difficult). Slip-on footwear is recommended as participants must remove their shoes before entering each house.

On last year’s tour, this backyard playhouse was a big hit.

The Home & Garden Tour is from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $12 for PNA members and $15 for the general public and are available online or at the PNA, 6532 Phinney Ave. N. Babes-in-arms are free; tickets for children ages 2-12 are $5. Online tickets must be exchanged for the Home & Garden Tour brochure at the Phinney Neighborhood Center. The ticket brochure includes a map, addresses and a brief description of each home or garden.

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PNA Home Design & Remodel Fair

January 26th, 2010 by Doree

The Phinney Neighborhood Association’s 13th annual Home Design and Remodel Fair is this Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the PNA’s Blue Building, 6532 Phinney Ave N.

The fair features 95 exhibitors, presentations, door prizes, and consultations by City of Seattle permit specialists. A strong emphasis is placed on green building, green remodeling, and sustainable living.

Regardless of where you are on the timeline for a home remodeling project, this event will have something for you. If you’re in the early stages of dreaming and scheming, you’ll find plenty of inspiration talking to architects and contractors and looking at photos of completed projects. If you’re at a more concrete phase of project planning, you’ll be happy to meet builders who could take you to completion and suppliers who might have just the right thing for you.

If you’re all ready to go, be sure to consult with the City of Seattle permit specialists to get a full understanding of your project needs. Not ready to tackle the house? Spend time with some landscape professionals and consider getting started on the outside first.

Conservation organizations, home energy auditors, earthquake retrofitters, consultants and trades people will all provide information to help you save money and resources and increase the safety and comfort of your home, even if you’re not ready to undertake a large construction project.

See the PNA’s website for the list of exhibitors, and for a full schedule of presentations on various remodeling topics, from choosing a contractor and architect to building rain gardens and how to navigate the permitting process.

Admission is $9 for the general public and $6 for PNA members. Children 12 and under are free.

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