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Next Think & Drink asks, ‘Is our country that polarized?’

June 28th, 2016 by Doree

Humanities Washington’s next “Think & Drink” on July 12 at Naked City Brewery, 8564 Greenwood Ave. N., is titled “American Rage: Division and Anger in U.S. Politics,” and asks whether our country really is that polarized.

“This election is like no other.”

Variations of this phrase have almost become a cliché of the 2016 election season. But how else to react to the fights at rallies, filibusters, interruptions of moments of silence, calls by a major candidate for the deportation of millions, and schoolyard Twitter taunts?

We have reached the point where roughly a third of each party views the other as a “threat to the nation’s well-being,” according to the Pew Research Center, and that the political center has drifted to the left and right at an alarming rate. Forty percent of us now even disapprove of people from different political parties marrying.

Part history lesson, part discussion, part brewpub hang-out, this Think and Drink event will ask: Is it really that bad? Has U.S. politics ever been more divided and aggressive? Will it get better or worse? And is our increasingly media-saturated environment, including the rise of social media, helping or hurting our divisions and discourse?

Think & Drink begins at 7 p.m. on July 12, with WSU professors Cornell Clayton, co-editor of “Civility and Democracy in America,” and Travis Ridout, co-author of “The Persuasive Power of Campaign Advertising.” It will be moderated by KUOW’s Ross Reynolds.

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Housing affordability discussion at Naked City on Monday

June 24th, 2016 by Doree

Seattle for Everyone and Bellwether Housing are sponsoring a discussion about housing affordability from 7-8:30 p.m. Monday at Naked City Brewery & Taphouse, 8564 Greenwood Ave. N. It’s called “Drink Up for Letting Seattle Grow Up for All People: A panel discussion on the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda.”

Seattle is growing twice as fast as projected and yet building less than half the housing it needs for the new growth. That’s why an unprecedented coalition forged a partnership in support of Mayor Ed Murray’s Housing Affordability & Livability Agenda (HALA) last fall. With the policy recommendations now before the Seattle City Council, we have a tremendous opportunity to create an affordable, inclusive city over the next decade.

The city’s Office of Planning & Community Development will provide a ten-minute presentation providing an overview of the Mayor’s housing affordability agenda, and then Erica Barnett (http://thecisforcrank.com/) will moderate an all-star panel with Q&A, including:

  • Hyeok Kim, Seattle’s Deputy Mayor
  • Alan Durning, Sightline Institute’s Executive Director
  • Susan Boyd, Bellwether Housing’s Director of Real Estate Development

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‘The Real Scoop on Being a New Dad’ at Naked City Brewery June 20

May 23rd, 2016 by Doree

PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support) presents the second annual “The Real Scoop on Being a New Dad” from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Monday, June 20, at Naked City Brewery, 8564 Greenwood Ave. N.

New Dad? About to become one? Grab yourself some dinner and a drink, take a seat and listen to our panel of local dads talk through the trials and tribulations of being a new Dad and give tips on how to handle the challenges and enjoy the ride. These local dads will provide great information in a fun and informal environment. Topics may include:
• How to survive on no sleep (and tips for maybe getting some)
• Building your parenting community/Finding your tribe
• Keeping your marriage strong after baby comes
• Mistakes you will make the first year
• Managing work and family
• Unique ways Dads interact with and form bonds with their babies

Register to attend through Brown Paper Tickets (suggested admission is $15 but is pay-what-you-can). Attendees pay for their own food and drink.

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Think & Drink at Naked City May 10: Is nuclear power a solution to climate change?

May 4th, 2016 by Doree

Humanities Washington tackles “The Promise and Peril of Nuclear Energy” at its next installment of Think & Drink at Naked City Brewery, 8564 Greenwood Ave. N., at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 10.

When talking about how to address climate change, the conversation usually turns to solar, wind, electric vehicles, even geoengineering. But what if a part of the solution has been with us for sixty years?

From “The China Syndrome” to Mr. Burns, nuclear power has inspired fear, awe, and anger. High-profile disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima have stuck in the public consciousness. But how justified are our fears? In an era when the stability of the planet itself is threatened, is it time for MORE nuclear power, not less? Or are the risks too great?

The conversation will feature petroleum geologist and University of Washington faculty member Scott Montgomery, whose book The Shape of the New was a New York Times Notable Book for 2015; Chuck Johnson, an activist, writer, and development professional with roots in the anti-nuclear movement dating back to the 1970s; and Kathleen Flenniken, former civil engineer for the Hanford Nuclear site and Washington State Poet Laureate for 2012-2014. Flenniken’s book Plume, a meditation on the Hanford site, won the Washington State Book Award. The event will be moderated by KUOW’s environmental reporter Ashley Ahearn.

Every Think & Drink event is free and open to the public. Attendees purchase their own food and drink.

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Next ‘Think & Drink’ to discuss how climate change affects the Northwest

March 23rd, 2016 by Doree

Humanities Washington and Naked City Brewery are hosting the next “Think & Drink” on March 30 to discuss “Now or Never: Climate Change and Policymaking in the Pacific Northwest.”

Like the rest of the country, our region is addicted to cars, electricity, and consumption, and we’ve reached a turning point. Are new laws the only path toward changing our habits? Plus, we are a state divided along geographical and political lines—are our political leaders even capable of fighting climate change, or at the very least, helping us adapt to its effects?

Or is addressing climate change within the current political system simply a lost cause?
Join Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien and UW Climate Impacts Group director Amy Snover for a frank conversation about what climate change means for the Pacific Northwest, and the promise and challenges of working within the system to address the most pressing issue of our time. Moderated by KUOW environmental reporter Ashley Ahearn.

Think & Drink begins at 7 p.m. next Wednesday, March 30, at Naked City Brewery, 8564 Greenwood Ave. N.

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Naked City Brewery packed tonight for Greenwood fundraiser

March 10th, 2016 by Doree

Update Friday: Naked City Facebooked this today:

We blew twelve kegs of Greenwood Phoenix Golden Ale.
We raised $8125 in beer sales for the relief fund.
We raised $3474 in donations for the relief fund.
In total, we raised $11,599 in one day for the relief fund.
Love you all. Together, we are a phoenix.

Earlier: Naked City Brewery has been hosting a fundraiser all day today to support businesses destroyed and damaged in yesterday’s explosion. $1 from every pint of the specially brewed Greenwood Phoenix Golden Ale is going to the Phinney Neighborhood Association’s Greenwood Relief Fund.

At 8:30 p.m., the inside was completely packed, with people standing outside.


And more people were in the beer garden.


A number of other businesses are hosting fundraisers in the coming days. The PNA has a special web page with a long list of fundraisers and donation sites (some of those donation sites will match funds up to a certain amount). Many of the locations are in Greenwood and Phinney Ridge, but others are in Ballard, Magnolia and throughout the rest of the city. As of tonight, there are nearly 30 fundraising opportunities, but please check the list often as they are adding to it continuously.

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UPDATE: POSTPONED — Naked City Brewery fundraiser for Taproot Theatre on Wednesday

March 8th, 2016 by Doree

Update Wednesday: The fundraiser has been postponed until Thursday and will now benefit the businesses affected by Wednesday morning’s explosion.

Earlier: Naked City Brewery, 8564 Greenwood Ave. N., is hosting an all-day fundraiser Wednesday for Taproot Theatre, on its 40th anniversary. All proceeds from the purchase of the specially brewed Taproot Pale Ale will go directly to Taproot’s emergency fund, which was depleted after the theater racked up huge legal bills from a lawsuit related to construction of its addition after the 2009 arson. Additional donations are welcome.

A second fundraiser for Taproot is set for 5-9 p.m. Sunday, also at Naked City, with a live and silent art auction. All proceeds go to Taproot.

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Think & Drink at Naked City: ‘Climate Change and Civil Disobedience — How Far is Too Far?’

February 11th, 2016 by Doree

The next Humanities Washington “Think & Drink” at Naked City Brewery is set for 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb.17, and will explore “the necessity defense” by climate change activists practicing civil disobedience. Naked City is at 8564 Greenwood Ave. N. Admission is free.

In September of 2014, a group of environmental activists tried to stop climate change in its tracks. Claiming that “the Pacific Northwest is fast becoming a corridor for fossil fuel development,” five protesters blocked an oil train in Everett for over eight hours. They believed the move necessary to “avert a climate catastrophe.”

They were arrested and later tried, and at the heart of their argument was “The Necessity Defense”—the assertion that their actions, though illegal, were necessary to prevent a greater harm. At the last minute, the judge told the jury not to consider the defense, citing lack of precedent. But still the protesters, dubbed the Delta 5, were found guilty only of trespassing and they avoided jail time.

As climate change worsens, what role will civil disobedience play? How far is too far? Can lack of access to things like clean air be considered a civil right in the traditional sense? And what parallels can be drawn between the 60s Civil Rights movement and the actions of environmental protestors like the Delta 5 and “kayaktivists?”

Humanities Washington’s next Think & Drink, “The Necessity Defense: Climate Change and Civil Disobedience,” features Abby Brockway, a member of the Delta 5 and part of the environmental activist group Rising Tide Seattle; Richard Gammon, professor of oceanography and chemistry at the University of Washington; and Megan Ming Francis, assistant professor in the department of Political Science at the University of Washington and author of the award-winning book, Civil Rights and the Making of the Modern American State. The event will be moderated by KUOW’s environmental reporter Ashley Ahearn.

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4 Greenwood-Phinney breweries participating in Washington Beer Commission’s Brewery Open House Day on Feb. 20

February 4th, 2016 by Doree

Stop by neighborhood breweries on Saturday, Feb. 20, as part of Washington Beer Commission’s statewide Brewery Open House Day. You can get a tour, meet the brewmasters and sample the beers.

Participating breweries in our neighborhood include Bluebird Brewing (the nano brewery inside Bluebird Microcreamery; you’ll also see how they make their sodas) at 7400 Greenwood Ave. N.; Lantern Brewing at 938 N. 95th St.; Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery at 8570 Greenwood Ave. N.; and Naked City Brewery and Taproom at 8564 Greenwood Ave. N.

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