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    I am writing to see if anybody would be interested in being a running partner. I have never had a running partner before and thought it might be a fun way to add to my current program.

    I am Eric, 36 about 30ish lbs over weight and live on 3rd Ave between 95th & 97th Street. I am married with 2 small kids. I currently run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and either Saturday or Sunday evenings. This usually happens once the kids are in bed, so often around 9-9:30pm. Yeah Night Running!

    I can’t afford the gym fees so I run and do stuff at home, often with the kids. My current route is a loop around 3rd ave to 100th Street to 8th Ave to 75th Street to 3rd and back home. My loop is a little over 5k. I am currently working the loop (warm up, running, side aches walking, running, stoplights, cool down walking) in about 45 minutes. Normally I listen to lots of EDM music for motivation (well that and Andrew W.K.).

    You could be anybody also interested in weight loss and health. I would prefer someone able to match my level, and able to roll with a wacky schedule. Oh and I plan on this being shine(well street light shine that is, har har har) or rain. Gender and age are not important to me, just the ability to admit that we need to work out otherwise we will become big fat tubbos and die a sad and depressing death leaving our children parentless. Ok, thats a bit hard but you get the picture.

    Email me at kiltederic @ gmail.com for connection and details.

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