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Robbers in a Motor home

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    Today at 1:44 pm my neighbor saw people in a motorhome in our alley trying to steal a neighbors BBQ. Here is what he told us –
    “Hello all,
     I caught 2 guys steeling a barbecue.  They had just loaded it in their motor home when I pulled in, license number APT8092.   Check your yard incase you were robbed before chased them off.   Here are some pictures of their vehicle. I got the barbecue in my garage,it looks brand new. Please call me so I can get it back to you.  I did not call the police they haven’t been any help to me on other matters and I don’t think they will do anything here.
    Thanks Scot ”
    I have photos, not sure how to post them.



    Thanks for posting but this helps very little because you did not leave a location.  Also I would inform your neighbor that calling the cops is the right thing to do.  Imagine if these people committed another crime and killed/injured someone.  Maybe let him know that the cops don’t catch every bad guy but they can’t do shit about crimes they don’t know about.




    It was between 68th and 70th in the alley that parallels Aurora.
    Apparently my neighbor doesn’t trust the police, is that a Republican thing?



    I don’t think it’s a Republican thing, but it’s not a smart thing. It might be a “I have something to hide” thing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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