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Package stolen from porch; caught on video

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     We live a bit north of N 90th.  In late August, a package was stolen from our porch. Our neighbors have a video surveillance system which recorded a woman getting out of a white car to steal a package from our porch. We shared that video with police. Police also have the license plate of the car.  The same car has been sighted on our street again this past friday (this time a man and a woman) with suspicious behavior recorded and the neighbor spotted the car again today.  It is a white Lincoln continental Mark 7 or 8 (hard to tell). I have the license plate but am unsure if I can post it…?



    For legal reasons, you can’t post the full license plate on this Forum, but I think you can post the first half, which would be helpful for people to keep an eye out. Thanks!



    I live on 2nd Ave NW and I had a package stolen from my porch between 3:30 and 5:00pm on Thursday.



    The first part of the license plate is ANC



    hmmm, good to know. 90th & what?

    We’re north of that but have had people in the neighborhood scouting. Also on the Interurban north of 110th you can see (at times) evidence of mail/package theft. They leave the remains in piles.

    Did you look at license plate lookup to see who the car belongs to? It only works if they have citations but generally someone has at least a parking or speeding ticket.


    Gord Wilcox

    This is continuing to be a problem in the Greenwood area. I have had packages stolen two different days last week.

    I’m trying the Amazon Locker, but it would be great if we could catch the criminals.



    I’m on 94th btw fremont and linden.

    Police have the full license plate of the car I described above but I imagine nothing will or can be done unless they are caught in the act. Keep an eye out!



    I had a check stolen out of my mailbox a week or so ago.  I will definitely keep a lookout for said car.  Did we get the first few letters/numbers from the license plate?  We’re on 104th and Evanston.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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