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    A neighbor in Wallingford forwarded this to me this morning:

    Hey parental-types and friends who frequent public parks…a mom in a local group I’m a member of shared this horrific story about what happened to her at a local park today in North Seattle. It’s too easy to get complacent and feel “safe”, especially out in the ‘burbs. At the very least, don’t let your kiddos go to restrooms alone and encourage your teens to use the buddy system!

    We had a play date at Carkeek Park in Seattle this afternoon. I went to the restroom – someone was in one stall (out of the 4 or 5 stalls total) so, I chose the bathroom 2 stalls away from this person. As I was “going potty”, that person came and stood right in front of my stall, facing my door. I could only see their shoes, dead center. I said, “I’m in here!”. (creepy silence…) Then I said it louder… And then this person hit my door SO hard, it is a complete miracle the door didn’t fly open. It then dawned on me that it was a MAN. I looked up and he was peeking thru the crack in the door. I screamed, “HELP! RAPE! HELP!!!” over and over… He hit my door again. My friend then came in asking if it was me yelling. She saw the man pass her calmly then he ran across the field and into the forest. The park was packed so, others came over to find out what was going on. Some men tried to follow him. We called the cops and they looked for him with no luck (although I don’t think they even got out of their police cars…).
    The cops told us that he’s done this many times before. He hasn’t hurt anyone (yet!), people have even seen him bathing in the river (although, my friend didn’t think he looked homeless…) The cop said he probably lives in the area and has only hit this park (as far as they know…)
    It was obviously scary but, I’m fine – it could have been so much worse.
    I’m so thankful it was me and not a child or a teen, I’m so thankful my door had a strong lock (all the other doors don’t lock properly, which I will be calling the city about ASAP). I’m so thankful others were around.
    Please be aware of this. Don’t send your kids to bathrooms solo, even if you think they are old enough or other moms are around. (I honestly thought it was another mom in the stall when I walked in – with cute orange running shoes… ). Share this story with other moms and your kids – I know that the screaming and going ballistic made this man change his mind, empower your kids with this info.



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