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Another Dayton Drug Deal

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  • Started 5 years ago by OneGuy

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    1:10pm on Sunday Sep 5. Just saw another drug deal. Dark complexioned black guy with a slight limp, not very tall--maybe 5'7", short stubbly beard with some gray in it, wearing a white baseball cap, dark blue T-shirt with a kangaroo logo on the back, black nylon athelic pants with a stripe down the outside of each leg, black shoes. He was pacing around the intersection of 83rd and Dayton, obviously waiting for someone, typical waiting-for-a-deal behavior. He saw me coming up the sidewalk with my dog and started walking back north, then sat down on the front steps of the empty rental house on the SE corner of 83rd & Dayton. I decided to just hang around and watch and sure enough, within a few minutes a newer black Scion came driving south on Dayton (my distance vision isn't good enough to get the license number). The black guy jumped up and glanced at me obviously watching him, then crossed the street and headed west on 83rd toward Greenwood. The Scion turned the corner and pulled over next to the black guy. He looked back at me and kept walking, and the Scion pulled out and drove up to the end near Greenwood and pulled over again. The black guy started walking rapidly and caught up to the Scion, then jumped in and the Scion turned the corner and headed north on Greenwood.

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