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Smash & Grab at St John the Evangelist Church

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  • Started 3 years ago by sezdog

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    This happened right in front of the church on 1st this evening after dark while I was walking my dog. It probably took less than 40 seconds from the time the guy drove up, broke the back window of the SUV, & sped off. The guy was driving an older white or light grey station wagon-type car. Yes, the police were called. Not much was taken, except reusable grocery bags. Too bad it wasn't a bag of dirty diapers.

    I knew these things happened fast, but the speed of this still surprised me. The lesson? Don't leave things in your car, no matter how quick you'll be or how busy the street is. I thought the guy's haste was because he was late picking up his kid. The other witness also thought he was someone running late. Until we saw the broken window after he sped off.

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