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Stolen tool bag- $150

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    Someone stole my dark olive green "Rooster" brand rolling tool bag out of my pickup. It had a 18V Milwaukee drill/driver, two batteries, and the charger, a drill index in a black metal case, the dull blade from my mower, some screw drivers and yellow box with my driver bits, a Wonderbar from my college days and a blue claw hammer that was even older. There was a lot more too, too much to list here. If you have it, I'll buy it back, no questions asked, if all the stuff is in there. Let me know before Friday, then I am going to go out and replace what was taken

    If it was you, you probably thought you'd hit the jackpot! In fact all of the tools were used and well worn and probably not worth the money you were hoping for. I'll pay you $150 for the bag and content back please. Leave a note on the truck on 74th near Dayton Ave where you took it and we'll make a deal. No BS, I just want my tools back.

    Posted 6 years ago #
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    My guess is that your tools have already been turned into meth for some junkie to feed his habit. Check the pawn shops on Aurora.

    Posted 6 years ago #

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