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Q13 Fox has story on Yanni's Kitchen Nightmares week

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    As the restaurant celebrated their re-launch on Sunday, Ramsay said the family is more determined than ever when it comes to changing things for the better.

    “The want and the need and the desperation to put this restaurant back on the map, from them, has been extraordinary,” he said.

    But it hasn’t been easy for this family, who’s operated the restaurant since it opened as the Lakeside Café back in 1984. At times they’ve found Ramsay’s ways and the shows format to be an emotional trial.

    “He’s a very very harsh critic, but he’s right,” said Tariya Rosca, who runs the restaurant’s dining room with her mother. “It’s been hard, it’s been a challenge, it’s been thrilling, it’s been exciting, it’s been devastating at times.”

    The family and staff at Yanni’s say they’ve learned a lot from Chef Ramsay and his unique brand of brutal honesty.

    “We now feel like we’re up with the times and that we actually fit in to our neighborhood,” Rosca said.

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