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Crime along Aurora in Greenwood?

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  • Started 3 years ago by Anonymous
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    Hi There!

    I already posted this question to the Facebook page, but I thought I would try here too...

    My husband and I were thinking about moving to the Greenwood area, but both of the houses we've liked are right near Aurora, and we've heard some scary things about that area. Could anyone give me some insight as to what areas are the "scary" ones? The friend mentioned 85th and Aurora being bad and the houses we liked were at 90th/Aurora and 79th/Aurora. How are those areas? Thanks in advance!


    Posted 3 years ago #
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    Right now pretty much anything too close to Aurora isn't all that great. A lot of the neighbors are working on cleaning it up but I've seen prostitution south of 85th. One of the theories is the "nuisance properties" (the cheap crime ridden motels) have been closed down and others have been threatened to. Some of the sketchy things that went on in the motels (drugs, prostitution) have been pushed out to the streets. I drive up Aurora in the extreme wee hours and can see up to 10 prostitutes in less than a mile.

    Do you live near the neighborhood now? You might want to talk to some of the neighbors there and go walk around where you'd like to move. Another thing to do is drive around there late at night or early in the morning just to see what activity is going on.

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  3. allisonw


    Don't do it. Broadview is ok a few blocks west of Greenwood Ave, but east of There's a reason those really nice houses are on the market a while and don't cost much.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  4. hydrolagus


    I like the area. We lived in a rental on 91st a half block west of Aurora for 2 1/2 years then bought a place about three blocks north of that last year. Some of it depends on which side of Aurora you're on. West of Aurora, the seediness drops off quickly; east of Aurora it is more variable. Fremont (2 streets west of Aurora)is part of a north-south bike corridor and once a year closes to car traffic for neighborhood block parties.
    Car traffic on 90th can get a little heavy during rush hour since there's a traffic light with turn signal there, but nothing as heavy 85th.
    I can see it not being appealing to everyone. It doesn't have the hushed suburban feel about it, even in the parts that are pleasant.

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    Bought a house on Evanston two years ago and have yet to see anything that makes me second-guess our decision. I love the neighborhood. Aurora is ugly, but It's really not as sketchy as people paint it. Maybe I'm naive, but I've never seen a prostitute in the area.

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  6. jessicadolph


    I've lived on 92nd and Dayton for 8+ years and love my neighborhood. Yes there is crime, that's a given, some areas are worse than others, but nothing has been bad enough to make me consider moving. I find the lack of sidewalks more annoying.
    As far as houses not moving, that certainly isn't the case in my opinion (with the exception of the gross houses that no one wants!) - every house in my neighborhood that has gone on the market in the last 6-8 months has sold very fast.

    Posted 3 years ago #

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