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New Fred Meyer Report

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  • Started 3 years ago by sezdog
  • Latest reply from Lets Get Real
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    Just to let you know:
    ---There is a labor dispute involving Fred Meyer. PNW Regional Council of Carpenters has a dispute with a sub-contractor, United Commercial Inc., which worked on the "new" bldg.
    ---The NW corner at NW 85th St/1st Ave NW has new curb-cuts and a lower curb, so it's super easy for a car to drive up and over the corner if the driver turns too tightly, which is just what happened while I was standing there waiting to cross. Be careful where you stand as a pedestrian and how you turn as a driver.
    ---The area across 85th that used to be a pizza place ages ago is looking even more blighted now that the Fred Meyer is spiffed up.
    ---The traffic revision (giant turn lane) on 3rd Ave NW on the north side of 85th is wacky and problematic.
    ---The store is big and much nicer looking and packed with people.

    Posted 3 years ago #
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    I really don't like the intersection at 85th and 3rd now. When I'm heading east on 85th and turning left onto 3rd, I'm forced to go over the double yellow line in order to avoid hitting a parked car. I think they're allowing parking too close to 85th on 3rd.

    I haven't been to the new store yet, but my husband has and he loves it!

    Posted 3 years ago #
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    We also stopped by the new Fred Meyer last night. I was very happy to see a BECU ATM in the main entrance! The produce section looked great, and there was a salad and olive bar and a huge cheese selection. The paper shredder mentioned in an earlier Phinneywood article was not there yet. Looking forward to going back to explore a bit more when the crowds die down a bit.

    Posted 3 years ago #
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    Needed some laundry detergent, so I figured I'd roll up to the new store to pick up said detergent, and check out the place. All I can say is WOW ... what a marked difference from the storeS we had in that area a year ago.

    All I checked out was the grocery part - I'll go back and have a look at the rest of the store when all of Greenwood isn't shopping there. :) The grocery is pretty amazing; the sheer size of it is pretty daunting. Add the cheese shop (all they need is a bouzouki player) and the deli and it becomes even more impressive.

    I only grabbed a few things, stuff I need. Had no trouble whatsoever finding anything. Checkout was a breeze compared to the old Fred Meyer, where the checkout aisles were so narrow that I could barely squeeze my standard-sized 20" wide chair in. No such problems at the new store.

    Extremely happy to see a US Bank ATM in the lobby along with the BECU ATM.

    So far, I'm happy and impressed. I'll go back and look at the rest of the store when I can get around there without having to suppress my sometimes overwhelming urge to run over the ambulatory so much :)

    Posted 3 years ago #
  5. kiltederic


    Oh man oh man! Took our kids to both the Friday and Saturday grand opening events (what can I say, we like free entertainment), and I just got home from actually normal shopping just a bit ago.

    The aisles are wide, which makes me very happy. Plus they have a the best of QFC and Freddies all in one stop. It'll take a bit of time to get used to the layout.

    I am assuming the the Starbucks in the place gives wifi, I have not confirmed yet, can anybody confirm?

    The Murry's cheese shop kicks QFC's behind, and it almost feels like buying cheese from a shop in Pike Place (almost - big shout out to the amazing folks of Quailty Cheese!)

    As a guy who normally dislikes shopping, I have enjoyed my new little time there and look forward to more! (really, did I just say that?)

    Posted 3 years ago #
  6. slipperyp


    We visited over the weekend - it was really nice. I'm very excited to have this open again. It feels like a huge step up from the old Fred Meyer, but the grocery definitely feels like a step down from the Greenwood Market (but I had a long time allegiance to the smaller neighborhood style grocery store they offered and few things would make me totally happy in that dimension). On the whole, though, I'm hopeful that it stays bustling and successful and I will definitely go back to shop there quite a bit.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  7. Duckpress


    The cheese case is amazing. So proud to have this in our neighborhood. Oh and the rest of the store is pretty great too. I'd like to see them expand their organic produce section. It's small and looks ransacked every time I go.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  8. SunsetSu


    I visited the new store last week and was impressed with the remodel and number of packaged organic foods available. While the grocery will never be as good as Greenwood Market, it's way better than Safeway. I'm happy to see numbers above the aisles again. However, one thing hasn't changed: it's still very tough to find a clerk who knows where anything is. And would it kill them to put a mirror in the ladies' scarves and jewelry section?

    Posted 3 years ago #
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    Lets Get Real

    I really like the new FM, and am thrilled that I don't have to shop at Safeway. I am very impressed with the amount of organic produce they offer, and often at lower prices than the non-organic. Sorry for those of you who loved Greenwood Market. For me shopping there was a luxury outing - there was no way I could feed a family of five at those prices!

    Posted 3 years ago #

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