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    Come get the pants scared off ya at 6711 Fremont Ave N tonight at the Porch of Terror!!!!

    Posted 3 years ago #
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    THANK YOU for doing this every year! I live a block away and our family calls your house 'the scary house.'

    In the week leading up to halloween we had much discussion about whether my boys (6 and 8) would visit the scary house this year. When we left the house to head out trick-or-treating the first thing they said was 'lets go to the scary house!'

    The 6 year old opted not to go up the steps but the 8 year old did (with two friends) - only to fly back down the steps a few moments later! The rest of the evening was spent remembering the chainsaw and embellishing the whole experience.

    We look forward to next year!

    Posted 3 years ago #
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    What a wonderful thing for you to do! Everyone I've ever known had a very scarey house in their neighborhood when they were kids. I well remember mine even after all these years. Us kids used to dare each other to go up to it. Usually there was one brave enough to make it all the way to the door, a few of us tried but chickened out partway there (the house was set way back in a shrubbed, dark fenced yard).
    This makes for great memories.

    Posted 3 years ago #

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