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Aloha Ramen Japanese Noodle

August 2nd, 2009 · Comments

Aloha Ramen Japanese Noodle (Japanese)
8102 Greenwood Ave N
(206) 838-3837

Seattle times: “You won’t go home hungry. The portions are generous, even with the combo deals.”
Yelp: ”…they do NOT skimp on portions – come hungry, you will not be disappointed…”
Seattle Weekly: ”They’re applying Lorenzo’s four-star training to simple Japanese noodles. I approve.”

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  1. Mike says:

    We ate at Aloha Ramen about 2 weeks ago. The soups we had (shio and miso) were excellent, and the portions large. The noodles were some of the best I’ve had.

    Since it was only their 1st week open, the service was a little confused, but we’ll definitely be going back. Great food without killing the wallet!

  2. Aka says:

    Good solid meal. Mixed views on the gyozas. I didn’t like them but my husband did. The ramen was good. I had the miso ramen and it was good. The pork was incredibly tender but tasted slightly off, like it had been around awhile. Will go back to try a daily special soon.

  3. Cam says:

    I can’t say enough good things about Aloha Ramen. We go there probably about once a week. The staff are super friendly and the service is remarkably fast, even when the place is packed.

    The Miso Ramen is our favorite, although the Shio and Shoyu are good. The fried rice has tasty slices of fried garlic and chopped pieces of pork from the ramen. I haven’t tried the dumplings. The daily specials are good, I can’t remember being disappointed with anything I’ve ordered there.

    It is a great place to settle our “what do you want to eat?” debates. Quick, delicious, and cheap — what else do you want?

  4. Rena says:

    We just went for the first time today. Yummy! Huge portions and the owners are really friendly.

  5. Christine says:

    My boyfriend and I have had the garlic rice and the gyokas…I should say that I ate all the gyokas and almost all the rice…he liked the rice but I loved both!!! It was too hot for us to try ramen and we got our food to go…We are both looking forward to trying the other dishes

  6. David Stoesz says:

    The gyoza is excellent, but the miso ramen broth is weak and sad. Disappointing.

  7. nettieboop says:

    This place is AMAZING.

  8. Bryan says:

    Meh. The miso ramen broth was too salty, and every single dish on the menu had pork in it. Pretty disappointing after all the great reviews.

  9. etta says:

    Enjoyed the kalua ramen and the potstickers too. Fast service, nice people.

  10. Mina & Co. says:

    Finally ate there last night. It was great. The proprietors clearly value quality, and work hard to ensure that what they produce is the best they can turn out. They do this and keep prices at $6.50 a bowl (I personally think they should reward themselves a little more with a slightly higher price). The menu is short, but well considered. For those who complain about the limited options – look at the size of the place and the number of seats. My hats off to Aloha Ramen — clearly a case study in how to be proud of your product.

  11. Kelly says:

    Yum! I love this place – good food and a friendly staff.

  12. Phinneyman says:

    Nice, family owned place but their dishes are either pork or tofu. I’d go here more often if they offered chicken. Mina & Co. ‘s comments are accurate except for one: the size of the place and the number of seats has nothing to do with whether they can/should offer chicken. Adding chicken items to dishes AR menu already offers would appeal to more customers and would improve AR’s take out business. If AR really want to improve sales, listen to the customers. This is not as much a complaint as it is a recommendation to help AR make more money.

  13. FlyLowBeCool says:

    This is a nice, small, family-run place for a good bowl of ramen at a fair price. And, chicken is now on the menu.