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Peppers, potatoes and cukes at Farmers Market today

July 31st, 2009 by Doree

The Phinney Farmers Market (a PhinneyWood sponsor) runs from 3-7 p.m. today in the lower parking lot of the Phinney Neighborhood Association.

According to the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance’s Ripe and Ready Report, new to the tables this week are sweet and hot varietis of peppers; a multitude of potatoes, including yukon, purple majesty, and fingerling; pole beans; English and American cucumbers; summer squash; donut peaches; apples, pears and wild plums; boysenberries, marionberries and Seascape strawberries; and Korean and Yellow honeydew.

There’s also the usual asparagus, broccoli, beets, carrots, chard, fava beans, green beans, garlic, greens, peas, tomatoes, apricots, rhubarb, fresh bread, homemade ice cream, chocolates, cheese, meat, seafood, etc.

If you’re looking to eat dinner there, you’ve got your choice of Veraci Pizza; Patty Pan Grill’s quesadillas and tamales; and Pan Africa’s chicken, lamb and veggie dinner plates.

As always, the slippery slides on the hillside are open to kids of all ages!


Bingo Karaoke at Senior Center tonight

July 31st, 2009 by Doree

Young and old will pack the Greenood Senior Center tonight for its monthly Bingo Karaoke at 7 p.m. Air conditioning! Beer and wine! Snacks! Cash prizes!

Here’s a table of women intently scanning their bingo cards:

And here are two young dudes giving it all they’ve got:

Just $10 gets you in the door for eight bingo games. Snacks (hot dogs, tater tots, jalapeno poppers, etc.); beer and wine are only $3. Cash prizes of $30-$125. Get a table of six or more people together and call ahead to reserve your spot: 206-297-0875. The senior center is at 525 N. 85th St.


Meat buying club delivers to Phinney Ridge

July 31st, 2009 by Doree

Most of us have heard of Community Supported Agriculture, where people buy a “share” of the bounty from a local farm and pick up their produce on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. A Walla Walla company, run by a native from Crown Hill, is offering a similar meat “buying club” for residents of Phinney Ridge and Ballard.

Keith Swanson of Thundering Hooves Ranch delivers his grass-fed beef, pork and lamb to restaurants, stores and buying clubs around the area. His Phinney Ridge stop is at St. John United Lutheran at 55th and Phinney, where he delivers every other Saturday from 9-9:45 a.m.

Clients don’t actually join or pay membership fees for the buying club. They just place their order on the website, and pay in cash or check when they pick it up.

“As more and more people learn about the benefits of grass-fed meats, as compared to the corn-fed alternative at the grocery store, interest in our farm business has really taken off,” Swanson said in a press release. “Grass-fed beef has more Omega-3s and a lot less of the saturated fats. Plus, it has a richer flavor.”


Babyface opens for pampering

July 30th, 2009 by Doree

Babyface has opened at 7107 Greenwood Ave. N., Suite C. Located on the top floor above A Muse Art Stamps, Babyface offers skincare, sugaring and lash tinting.

Sugaring is a process of hair removal that I have been doing for the last few years. It is much gentler on the skin than waxing, less painful and more environmentally sound. It is completely water soluble, the ingredients are sugar, water and lemon juice so there is really nothing in it to cause a skin reaction or allergy. (It’s) a lovely, spacious treatment room. The remodel has enhanced the charm of the building and restored the integrity of its original, historic feel, but really modernized it in terms of creature comforts!

Eva, the owner, offers the organic John Masters product line for facials and retail. For the month of August, she’s offering signature facials for $50 (usually $75), and offering 50% off to all new sugaring clients. Babyface is open seven days a week by appointment: 206-380-6754. (By the way, it’s air conditioned!)


DOT update on Greenwood Ave construction

July 30th, 2009 by Doree

If you’ve traveled on Greenwood Avenue north of 105th/Holman Road lately, you’ve seen all the construction and probably experienced some slow downs because of it. The Department of Transportation sent an update to remind us of some of the traffic restrictions. The project is scheduled to be done at the end of October.

  • One lane of traffic in each direction on Greenwood Avenue from N. 105th St. to N. 112th St. will be open during general work hours (7 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
  • During non-working hours, two lanes will usually be open in one direction and one lane in the other. There may be times in the evenings, however, when traffic is restricted to one lane in each direction.
  • There will be no on-street parking in the work zones, and access to driveways may be temporarily restricted. Emergency access will be maintained.

Construction crews are demolishing the existing pavement on Greenwood and then pouring new concrete pavement. Crews are starting on the west side of the roadway at N. 105th Street and will move northward. They’re also installing new sidewalks, street trees and lighting. For more information, check out the project’s web site.


Late-night Improv at Taproot Theatre

July 30th, 2009 by Doree

Greenwood’s Taproot Theatre is hosting late-night improv the next two Friday nights, after the evening’s performance of “Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming.”

Taproot’s improvisers will take over the main stage on July 31 and Aug. 7 with their imaginative sketches based on audience suggestions. Performances start at 10:15 p.m., or shortly after the Mainstage performance ends.

Tickets are $10 at the door, or $8 for patrons staying after the performance of “Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming.” Taproot Theatre is at 204 N. 85th St.

Photo by Josiah Wallace.


Herkimer coffee now in Wasilla, Alaska

July 30th, 2009 by Doree

Herkimer at 74th and Greenwood has expanded its coffee roasting business and its beans are now available at a number of Seattle-area businesses. Its newest bulk-bean customer is a bookstore and cafe in Wasilla, Alaska, called Pandemonium.

Herkimer ships a couple hundred pounds of beans up there every week, about the same amount of beans it uses in its own shop. They used to roast on Mondays and Thursdays, but they’ve added more days here and there as their roasting business expands.

Note to parents: The PhinneyWood kid is fascinated by watching the roasting process. If you’re looking for a little educational entertainment, park your kid on a stool in front of the open roasing window and watch the Herkimer folks pour the green beans into the roaster and then watch the roasted beans come out and get poured into a big bucket, weighed and poured into paper bags. And the guys doing the roasting may even show your little one a handful of beans from before and after the process, and explain how it all works. Hours of fun!


Hottest. Day. Ever.

July 29th, 2009 by Dale

…at least since records have been kept in the Seattle area. We’re either at 101 or 102, according to official observations. Time to pop a cold beverage and party? Or just pant?

While the record is kept at Sea-Tac, here are some amateur station readings in our area at 4 p.m.:
103.8 degrees on Phinney Ridge
101.1 degrees on Crown Hill
105.1 degrees in Freelard
and 96.4 degrees in Greenwood

So there, it is cooler in Greenwood…


Half of Seattle drawn to Green Lake

July 29th, 2009 by Geeky Swedes

With the sweltering heat, Green Lake has become an oasis for hundreds (if not thousands) of sweaty Seattleites looking for a way to cool off.

This is the scene at the Bathhouse, on the west side of the lake.

And in the distance you can see the east shoreline covered with people as well. As you might imagine, we didn’t see many people jogging around the lake.

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Phinney/Greenwood has some of Seattle’s “Best”

July 29th, 2009 by Doree

Seattle Weekly just released its annual “Best of Seattle” list and Phinney and Greenwood made a very respectable showing.

The Baranof at 8549 Greenwood Ave. N. won for Best Dive Bar.

El Chupacabra at 6711 Greenwood Ave. N. wins for Best Jukebox.

Red Mill at 312 N. 67th St. has the Best Onion Rings.

All locations of Mud Bay (8532 1st Ave. N. in Greenwood) won for Best Place to Splurge on Your Pet.

All Starbucks (N. 67th St. & Phinney Ave. N. in Phinney) won for Best Place to be Able to Actually Hear Your Friends Talk.

All Goodwill stores (6400 8th Ave. NW in Ballard/Phinney) wins for Best Recession-Friendly Shopping.

While PhinneyWood didn’t win for best neighborhood blog, our sister site, MyBallard, came in a close second to the awesome West Seattle Blog.

Congratulations to all the winners! (And let us know if we missed one.)


National Night Out next Tuesday

July 29th, 2009 by Doree

Next Tuesday, Aug. 4, is the national Night Out program. Neighbors everywhere are encouraged to have block parties to get to know their neighbors and coordinate efforts to keep their neighborhoods safe.

Here’s a picture from one of last year’s block parties.

If you register your block with the Seattle police department by July 31st, you can close off your street for a block party. (They won’t provide barricades; you just set up chairs or garbage cans and signs that the street is closed. Leave intersections clear and be prepared to clear the street should an emergency vehicle come through.) You can download a street closed sign from the SPD Night Out website.

Please put a comment below if your block is having a party.

And for those in the area of NW 76th St. and 6th Ave. NW, the block party coincides with the 5th annual Greenwoodstock family music festival, at the 6th Avenue NW Pocket Park (more commonly called “Our Park”). Three sets of musicians play from 6-9 p.m.: 6 p.m. – Pipers Creek Players; 7 p.m. – Greenwood All*Stars; 8 p.m. – Banzai Surf. Everyone is invited to stop by during or after their own block party.


It’s hot, REAL hot!

July 29th, 2009 by Doree

Yes, that’s just stating the obvious, I know. Temperatures are expected to reach record highs today, so let’s help each other out and find out the best air-conditioned places to spend the day. We don’t have time to call every business in Greenwood/Phinney, so we need readers to put a comment below about where to go to cool down.

I just called Greenwood Hardware and they’re out of big fans, but they do have a few 7-inch fans that would work for a desk. They’ve ordered a bunch more, which should be delivered in their Thursday afternoon shipment.

In all the hubbub over keeping humans and pets cool, Stu in Greenwood wanted to make sure we don’t forget about our wild friends:

In all the anxiety related to the heat be sure not to forget our avian neighbors! Birds need water, especially at this crucial time when the youngsters begin to start feeding themselves. On my block everyone from crows to hummingbirds appears to have produced a bumper crop of offspring this year. That means many more mouths to fill with food and water. Please be sure to set out shallow bowls of water in shady spaces for or winged friends. Fill up your birdbaths if you have them, if you don’t have one find something that will do. Remember that the smaller birds such as chickadees and bushtits prefer to shower: if you are watering your vegetable garden consider hosing down a tree with lots of leaves and watch the small birds go for it in a big way! They’ll drink from the leaves and shower in the dripping water. Without our help many of our backyard friends will perish in the heat.

It should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Don’t EVER leave a child or pet in a car in hot weather, even for just a few minutes. Heat stroke can happen very quickly. It’s illegal to leave a child alone in a car and King County Animal Care & Control says leaving animals in a hot car can be grounds for animal cruelty charges.

If you see a pet in a hot car, first contact the security guards at the location you are visiting. Security guards can often use security camera footage to find the owner of the car to unlock it quickly, and they can contact Animal Care and Control for additional assistance. If no security is available, call 296-PETS and an Animal Control Officer will respond.

Paws can burn when walking on hot pavement and the skin on a dog’s nose can sunburn. Be sure animals have access to shade and lots of fresh, cool water when playing outdoors. Do not over exert pets during the warmest hours of the day, and avoid long walks or extended exercise in the heat of the sun.

If a dog or cat becomes overheated, apply cool water or cold towels to their head, neck, and chest. Then immediately take the animal directly to a veterinarian. For additional precautions, please consult your pet’s veterinarian.

And here’s a bunch of tips from City Light for keeping cool:

One of the best ways to keep your house cool is not to let the outside heat inside. Keeping the windows closed during the day and covered by blinds or drapes can significantly reduce the amount of heat gained through a window. Better yet, install an exterior shade. Also, good insulation not only keeps your house warm in the winter, it helps keep you cool in the summer. Other money-saving tips include:

1. Give appliances a break. Limit the use of ranges and stoves, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines and other heat-producing equipment especially during mid-day.
2. Prepare cool meals, such as salads and sandwiches. If you must cook a hot meal, wait until later in the evening when it’s cooler.
3. Use a ceiling fan, A typical fan consumes 98 percent less electricity than most central air conditioners use.
4. Adjust ceiling fans to turn counter-clockwise, which will push down warm air trapped near the ceiling.
5. If you have central air conditioning: Cool only the rooms you use. But don’t close all vents. Closing too many actually reduces operating efficiency.
6. Turn off the air conditioner when you leave the house for several hours.
7. An air conditioner thermostat is not a throttle, so don’t switch your air conditioner to a colder setting when you turn it on. It won’t cool the room any faster but it will waste energy when you forget to turn it up again. Keep it set at 80°F.
8. Install a timer on your room air conditioner, or use a programmable thermostat on your central air conditioner.
9. Keep your air conditioner shaded to improve its efficiency.
10. Set your furnace thermostat as high as possible. The minimum recommended energy-efficient summer temperature is 78°F.